05 August 2020


As we know the whole world is facing the bad consequence of the fast spreading Covid -19 Corona Virus Pandemic. The Karnataka State in general and the operation area of the Puttur Diocese in particular have also the alarming experience. Many unexpected death cases are reported daily which have to be treated under the international and national pandemic protocol. People are afraid of treating the death cases and sometimes the human dignity is denied to the departed ones at the time of the burial. In such a situation the Malankara Syrian Catholic Diocese of Puttur decided to form a Task Force to tackle the crucial situation of such funerals. A Task Force comprises of 20 people including 3 priests and 17 MCYM and MCA volunteers came up for this noble task. They were given special training by the Government Health Department in Kadaba, D.K. The Diocese of Puttur wholeheartedly supports and appreciates their willingness for this noble cause and strengthens them with our sincere prayers. The following are the members of the team: 1. Fr. Thomas Simon Kanjirathumkal 2. Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil 3. Fr. Thomas Punamadathil 4. Shijo George 5. Abhilash P.T. 6. Jibin T.J. 7. Rakesh Thekkethil 8. Mathai Mathew N.K. 9. Babith N.V. 10. Sanish B.T. 11. Prakash G. 12. Prasanth P.J. 13. Sandeep B.G. 14. Joji Undila 15. Jerin V.J. 16. Sujith B.T. 17. Viju Varghese 18. Sanjo Sunil 19. Jobin Alarme 20. Robin Alarme