Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Kanjirathumkal

San Jose Minor Seminary

Near Shanthi Bhavan

Parladka, Puttur

Karnataka - 574 201

Mob : 07338241537

Ph. 0091 (0) 8251 235 538




San Jose is the Minor Seminary of the diocese of Puttur, was started on 1st July 2011 by the blessing of the bishop Most Rev. Geevarghese Mar Divannasios. The official inauguration of the seminary was held on 15th September 2011 by His Beatitude Cardinal BaseliosCleemis, the Father and the Head of Malankara Catholic Church. Presently the seminary consists of the following which includes 19 Seminarians of which they are 3 theologians, 4 regents, 8 philosophers and 4 minor seminarians.


According to the current system, while admitting a candidate to a minor seminary, the competent authority shall make sure that the candidate is validly baptized and anointed with Holy Moron. The minimum qualification for an entry into the minor seminary at present is Secondary School leaving certificate (SSLC). For an admission to the minor seminary the candidate shall bring along with him a certificate from his proper Parish priest that testifies his character, conduct and other personality traits. Prior to the admission of the candidate lawful investigations have to be done by the concerned authority regarding the eligibility of the candidate. The duration of the formation in the minor seminary is three years.

Formation in the minor seminary is generally based on the spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and human spheres of importance. The candidates are basically introduced to the liturgical, spiritual, disciplinary, socio-cultural and historical heritage of the SyroMalankara Catholic Church. Liturgical formation includes training in divine praises (shemonamaskaram), observance of penance such as Lents (nombu), fasting, and abstinence. Faith formation in the seminary refreshes and teaches the candidates the basic catechism of the universal Church and of the proper rite. The spiritual training initiates the candidates to a life of prayer, to the spiritual life of the clerics through study and meditation of the Scripture, sacraments, devotion to St. Mary, the Mother God and to the saints. The disciplinary aspects introduce the candidates to the canonical discipline of the Church, so that they may be able to grow in self–discipline. The academic program in the minor seminary equips the seminarians to get a basically integral knowledge of various branches of spiritual, ecclesial and secular subjects. Learning of language such as Syriac, English and the vernacular are given due importance. Personality development based on values, the building up of the capacity to yield oneself to arts and sports, and the expansion of leadership skills are some of the special areas of training in the minor seminary. In short, the candidate is placed in an atmosphere which is conducive and training is imparted to each individual to recognise and discern his real vocation. As the individual gains clarity to his vocation and accepts it as his call from God he is furthered with the formative plans and given prospects to deepen his vocation. The Synodal Commission for seminary Formation with the approval of the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church is responsible to prepare the curriculum of studies for the minor seminary. Those candidates who successfully complete the minor seminary formation are promoted to the Major Seminary for further training.


The head and patron of the San Jose Minor Seminary is the Eparchial Bishop. It is the Synodal Commission for the Seminary Formation that prepares the programme of formation in the accordance with the norms of the Church. The Rector, Spiritual Director, Procurator and the teaching staff comprises the administrative personnel of the seminary.


The following are the major programmes conducted in the seminary annually; academic year inauguration, orientation seminars, annual Seminary arts and sports day, special seminars, Spiritual - Psychological Talks, recollections, annual retreat along with celebrations of Onam, Christmas, New year and other major feasts like the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Thomas, St. John Maria Vianney, Assumption, Nativity of Mary and so on. We celebrated the birthday, feast and ordination day of his Excellency along with reverend fathers helping in our formation and we also partake in the liturgical and sacramental celebration held in our parish community.